Use cases

Electricity use cases

We can find traditional use cases, now extended to include more data, other sources and improved algorithm precision. Failure probability modeling and predictive maintenance, outage detection and prediction, dynamic energy managment, smart grid security and theft detection or improving operational effiency

We have new use cases like real-time customer billing, enhancing customer experience, theft/fraud detection or energy efficiency

Water use cases

Network analytics brings together network-relevant data to maximise actionable insights in one place. Reduce water loss by identifying problems sonners. Enable assets to be maintained more efficiently based on condition. Identify opportunities to optimise the network.
Advanced pressure management, remotely control and automatically optimise pressure across the entire network. Reduce water loss, bursts and customer interruptions. Optimise pressure. Reduce energy and operational costs

Natural gas use cases

The 3 main areas: safety, operations and customer service
With more accurate pipeline and safety data, use cases for better incident prevention, detection and respose arise.

Insights from relationships across many kind of data for more powerful risk assessments strategies

Prevention of customer churn. Theft / fraud detection


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