your analytics

in the cloud
Big Data Platform

Accelerate your analytics in the cloud


Managed platformno installationno configurationno maintenance

Accelerate time to market and control budget

Deploy new Big Data environments in a matter of seconds.

Forget about installing, configuring and maintaining your Big Data Assets and just focus on Data an Analytics

Data scientist can start working from the first moment

The unique Big Data Serverless approach optimize the resource usage in the cloud

Customers achieve upto x10 time to market improvements

While achieving upto 80% cost reduction comparing with others platforms 


Mobilize your data


Mobilize your data from corporate on-premise, external or cloud sources

Using the Big Data built-in ETL tools with connectors to more than 100s sources

Based on Open Source standards of the industry Apache Airflow and Apache NiFi, to protect your investment and avoid locking with proprietary technologies


Oracle, Teradata, DB2

Amazon Kinesis, Redshift

Azure SQL Datawrehouse

S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage

From data to insights

Use Machine learning to extract the business insights in your data

Don't get stuck in proprietary software or algorithms, the Isthari Platform support the most comprehensive set of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools




Hyper parameter tunning

GPU Support


Integrate with your existing BI 


Leverages your investment in traditional Business Intelligence tools

Just connect them to the Isthari Platform to distribute your Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence results

Create powerfull executive dashboards


With connector for the Top BI tools


Power BI



Data Democratization

Data most be accessible to the organization to get the maximum insights from it

Built-it data discovery and metadata would allow any body to discover any data, their location, their structure and their lineage

Fully enable Customer 360 Use Cases

Nowadays data regulations and security compliance is more important than never before

Enforce global security policies from one single place

Support industry grade data encryption

Includes data auditing and logs


Use cases by industry

Travel and hospitality




Editions and pricing

Free trial

  • Full-featured environment
  • Up-to 1 cluster and 48 cores
  • Limited to 1 month
  • 24x7 support
  • No cloud infrastructure
  • Sample data set

Free forever

  • Full-featured environment
  • Up-to 1 cluster and 48 cores
  • No Time limite
  • Community support
  • Use your own cloud
  • Bring our own data

Enterprise edition

$0.04core per hour
  • Full-featured environment
  • Cloud scalability
  • Pay as you go
  • Premium support
  • Use your own cloud
  • Bring your own data

Available any where at any time


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