Big Data Analytics
Use Cases

Recommendation engines
They are one of the most usefull algorithms to improve the customer experience. Based on similar users these tools can select the items with the highest probability of interest. They can be used to recommend similar items (other users also liked) or cross-selling (frequently bought together)


Customer micro segmentation

One size fit all strategy is not the smartest way. You can create group of users with similiar buying behaviour to deliver more focused marketing campaigns, with the right message to the right target at the right time


Shopping cart abandonment

When the user has added an item to the shopping cart, it's not the end of the journey yet. Most of the time the user lefts the online store without finishing the purchase. Shopping cart abandonment techniques predict the probability of the user to not finish the transaction



If the user finally lefts the eshop with an item in the cart, not everything is lost. Remarketing and customer reacquisition tries to find the right time to send him an email reminder or a disccount to improve the conversion rates

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