Features of Isthari HQ audio

UP-to 100 connections

Each wit PFL, Talk channels, individual fader and vumeters

High-quality audio

Based on OPUS codec up-to 510 kbps

Cloud World Redundancy

No special hardware or servers are needed in the studio


You only need your laptop to perform professional-grade productions from the ground

Connect to laptop

Any user can be a remote guest directly on their laptop just using a web browser.

Connecto mobile or tablet

Just install the app to convert any device to a professional-grade audio codec

connect to legacy codecs

And handle up to 100 devices from one single place with total control

ISDN Replacement

Receive and make landline or mobile phone calls to any country without limits or restrictions

direct link for guests

All guest needs is a direct link, without installing any app, or introduce a username and password

Ultra-low latency

For high-impact live discussions including several remote guests


Automatic recording in studio

Any call can be automatically recorded in the studio

Mobile audio recorder

Journalist can record any press conference or statement directly from their smartphone

mobile audio editor

Easily edit any audio cut to prepare for the direct show and create playlists

Recorded audio in live contribution

Use any previously recorded audio as part of your live contribution

Integrated with your workflow

Or upload directly to the cloud server and integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow

Artificial intelligence

Edge artificial intelligence

Improve audio quality and convert any guest with commodity hardware into a studio-quality contribution

noise suppression

Including the keyboard, and static from the microphone. Or connect from a crowdy place and suppress background noise

reverb and cave sound effect

Improve the quality and remove the most common sound effects with guests at their homes

Imrove audio quality

Improve sound quality by adding higher frequency content to the audio stream.

Technical Features

Audio codecs

Including OPUS, G722, G711. Reduce packet lost with FEC


audio matrix

Embedded audo matrix supports an unlimited number of mix-minus


Use any MIDI control surface to ease the work in the studio