Big Data
As a Service


data pipeline
in one single platform

End to end platformdeployingestmachine learninganalytics

From Data to Insights in a self-service platform


From new requirements 

to a new Big Data Environment 
in just a few 'clicks'

Data ingestion

Using the built-in tools
or bring your own ETL

Machine Learning

For Digital transformation
and customer experience


Create powerful visualizations with Tableu, Power BI, Microstrategy ...


With the Isthari Big Data as a Service platform you can forget about provisioning hardware, installing, configuring and maintaining your Big Data Infrastructure.

You can define your environment from a Web User Interface using the click to deploy functionality 

And just focus on the data and the insights


Data Ingestion

Most Big Data projects fails at the first step: getting the right data

Mobilize your data, using the Big Data built-in ETL tools with connectors for your on premise, cloud or external data sources

Machine Learning

Use Machine Learning to extract the business insights in your data

Don't get stuck in proprietary software or algorithms, the Isthari Platform support the most comprehensive set of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools, including: Jupyter Notebook, Tensor flow, Spark R, Python



Leverages your investment in traditional Business Intelligence tools and just connect them to the Isthari Platform to distribute your Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence results

With connectors for the Top BI tools including: Tableau, Power BI, Microstrategy, Qlik

Use cases

Clam fraud scoring, cross selling, marketing campaign optimization, cold calls, propensity to buy, customer retention


Use cases

Anti money laundering, credit card risk scoring, credit card real-time fraud, customer segmentation, cross selling, propensity to buy, churn prediction


Use cases

Marketing campaign optimization, propensity to buy, customer segmentation, targeted advertising


Use cases

Destination recommendation, propensity to buy, cross selling, customer segmentation, marketing campaign optimization

Travel & tourism

Use cases

Product recommendation, in store IoT analytics, sentiment analysis, customer segmentation, propensity to buy, churn prediction


Use cases

Smart homes, market value prediction, neighborhood demographics analysis, marketing campaign optimization, segmentation

Real state